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Maine Things To Do Planting Bulbs: Fall Planting Equals Spring Flowers
Posted by mainetodo on Monday, September 24 @ 17:17:42 EDT

Fall How can a hard, round bulb be placed in the ground in the fall and sprout to become the most beautiful flower blooming in spring? It's got to be one of the all-time great miracles of nature. Hold a few daffodil, tulip, and crocus bulbs in your hand and really look at them. You would be hard-pressed to convince anyone that these rock-like balls have the power to deliver a profusion of color just from some sunlight and water. But indeed, they will do just that, if properly planted in the fall and cared for in the spring. plant some bulbs this fall, and

chances are they'll provide you with blooms year after year. The best time to plant is after the first frost, so the bulbs will stay cool throughout the fall and winter. Planning how you want your garden to look and where you want different flowers will serve you well so make sure you've got the right spot marked out. Make sure you fill the holes you dug out with somfertilizer before replacing soil. Add plenty of water as you fill the hole back in and it always helps to add a little fertilizer. Planting in the fall can ensure you reap the beautiful blooms come spring time.

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