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Maine Things To Do Clam Digging, Dig Your Own Clam Dinner: Fun, Muddy And Tasty
Posted by mainetodo on Sunday, December 17 @ 14:20:32 EST

Summer, Fall: If you love to eat Maine clams (steamers) you might enjoy a day of clamming. It's fairly easy to do really and clams are plentiful in Maine. The mud flats in Scarborough, Maine or anywhere along the Maine coastline are prime clam digging grounds. Of course, the first thing you will need is a license. Many towns sell clamming licenses for the day and those same towns will be happy to tell you where you can and can not clam. A good place around the Portland Maine area is the clam flats surrounding Ferry Beach in Scarborough Maine. Here is what you want to do. First get a license. Then go to the clam flats on a falling tide, at low tide or at the earlier stages of the incoming tide. Then, just walk and look for holes in the mud. The holes will

typically be the same circumphrance as your index finger. There is a clam down there! You can use a rake, but that can be overkill. Your hands will do, but be sure to wear gloves. Another great tool is a plunger. Plung, rake or dig a hole with your hands about a foot deep. Be careful not to break the clam and very careful not to cut your finger when reaching down to extract the clam from its hole. The top edges of the clam are sharp, so grab carefully. After finding and digging your first few clams you will get fairly quick at the job and the goal is to harvest a fair amount of them before the tide comes in and washes away your hopes of having enough for dinner! This is a fun activity for individuals, couples or families to enjoy.

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