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Maine Things To Do DEWS Animal Kingdom: Get Wild In Central Maine - It's A Fun Thing To Do!
Posted by mainetodo on Thursday, September 11 @ 17:17:00 EDT

Fall & Summer: We discovered DEW Animal Kingdom by accident on one of our trips to friendís camp in Mt. Vernon. Smack dab in the middle of a back road on Route 41 there it was! With over 40 acres and 200 plus animals from all over the world, DEW Animal Kingdom is a wonderful and exciting place to visit and has tons to see and do. This is one of only two exotic animal farms in the state and it's worth the trip. Unlike most zoos, where visitors can only view the animals from roped off setbacks, this zoo allows visitors to get up close and personal to the animals which makes for incredible photo opportunities. There are plenty of animals to look at from tigers to lions, leopards, llamas and bears. The owners are always willing to give educational tours that are very interesting

and informative. If you find yourself in Central Maine, this is a great thing to do with the whole family. After spending some time at the animal farm, take a ride through the country especially this time of year when the leaves are beginning to change colors. If you head toward Manchester be sure to swing into Lakeside Apple Orchard where the apples are ripe for the picking. You can enjoy some fresh apple cider and visit the produce barn for some farm fresh vegetables and cider donuts. Another thing you could do is head toward the Belgrade Lakes Region which is only a 20 minute ride and enjoy lunch or dinner at the Olde Post Office Cafť. This Fall, discover all there is to do in Central Maine!

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