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Maine Things To Do Coos Canyon: Pan For Gold And Strike It Rich
Posted by mainetodo on Wednesday, September 10 @ 17:38:25 EDT

Fall & Summer: Looking for a great thing to do with the whole family? Take a trip to Coos Canyon in Byron where panning for gold and actually finding it isnít just for fools! Coos Canyon is a beautiful spot to visit as the Swift River runs through the canyon and panning for gold is done in this amazing spot. The gorge was carved during the ice age and the bedrock that makes up the gorge has been known to contain gold. To make it even easier for you to find gold, stop in at the Ole Prospector Mineral Shop located across the street from the canyon where you can rent everything you need. Be sure to check out the ďBig Nugget BookĒ which is prominently displayed. This book is a photo album of all those who have found gold in the canyon. There is no charge for entering the canyon so once you have your equipment head into the water and start sifting through the sand. You may not find an actual nugget but, flakes are possible and you can purchase a vial to store your treasure from the store as well. If you really want to make a fun adventure out

of your trip then be sure to pack your camping gear and plan on spending the night at the Coos Canyon Campground nearby. While you are spending time in the area, another great thing to do if you are brave is to do some cliff diving or jumping. The canyon is actually a deep gorge where the water is over 20 feet deep in sections. Climbing the walls of the gorge can be a little tricky but, the leap off is absolutely exhilarating. Angel Falls is a half hour hike from the canyon and the 90 ft drop is stunning and definitely worth the trip. Tumbledown Mountain is also close by and is a great day hike. Itís fun to hike up the mountain, which takes about four hours, and then go back to the canyon and end the day plunging off the cliffs into the cold but, refreshing mountain water. Check out Coos Canyon and discover gold, itís worth the trip!

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