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Maine Things To Do Candlelight Ghost Tour: Go To Bangor For A Ghoulin' Good Time!
Posted by mainetodo on Monday, August 18 @ 17:01:53 EDT

Summer & Fall: Halloween is the perfect occasion to check out the local haunts and if you find yourself in Bangor the Candlelight Ghost Tour is great thing to check out. Hosted by the Bangor Historic Society, this walking tour of the downtown areas “local haunts” is quite interesting. With the banks of the Penobscot River in Bangor being the center of commerce during the late 1800’s the downtown area was full of stores offering their goods as well as brothels and taverns who saw their fair share of the action as a result. Visitors can walk through these old buildings learning about their history and experiencing the possibility of encountering paranormal activity of the spirit world. These tours are actually held from July to October so it’s not just during

Halloween. While you are in Bangor make sure you stop in at the Bear Brew Pub. The pub is just north of Bangor in Orono, home of the University of Maine Orono campus. This is a great local hangout where the beer is cold and the food is great, I would try the ribs on Wednesday nights, they are the best! During the end of the week, Thursday through Saturday, this place is hopping with the local college crew. Sundays are usually game day at the pub so if you want to catch your favorite team this is a fun place to hang. During October, spend some time exploring the Ghost Tour and enjoying a Bear Brew Pumpkin Ale to toast the season!

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