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Maine Things To Do Crabbing: Fresh Crab Meat, Catch It Yourself!
Posted by mainetodo on Tuesday, May 13 @ 17:58:14 EDT

Summer: Fresh crab meat rolls are always a treat and even more so when you do all the work yourself. Here in Maine fresh crabmeat can be found in more places than just your local fish or supermarket. A fun way to enjoy some of the tastiest and freshest crabmeat is to go crabbing and it is not as hard as you think. Crabbing takes very little skill and depending on the method you use to catch them only marginal experience. Before you get started you will want to check with your city hall to see what permits you will need. Day permits can be purchased for recreational crabbing but, it will depend on where you want to go. With crabbing like many things, timing is everything. You want to check the tide chart before you head out. You will probably be

more successful in catching crabs during the last few hours before the tide goes out because this is when they tend to head for shore to feed off bugs and vegetation. The equipment is simple, gloves are a definite to help avoid getting pinched, a dip net if you want to use this method made from nylon mesh, a ventilated container with a heavy cloth and bait which can be poultry parts or fish like mackerel. The best place to catch crabs are around any structure in the water like a jettie, pier, seawalls, wharfs, etc… They like to attach themselves to these structures and float around nearby while feeding. The method is simple, take your dip net slowly lower it into the water and scoop them into the net. If you have a boat you would want to stand on the bow in order to have solid footing. Once you catch them be sure to put them into your ventilated container and keep them covered. Do not store them in water because they can suffocate once the oxygen is depleted from the water. Crabbing is a fun way to work for a delicious and fresh seafood dinner so give it a try!

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