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Maine Things To Do Mining For Gem: Go Treasure Hunting In Maine
Posted by mainetodo on Tuesday, May 13 @ 17:41:59 EDT

Spring, Summer & Fall: I remember as a kid digging in the dirt behind my house hoping to find a buried treasure. My neighbors showed me the collection of rocks they had discovered while mining for minerals which sparked my interest and fueled my enthusiasm to continue to dig amongst the worms and bugs. I can still see those beautiful chunks of milky and rose quartz. My favorite was the piece of green tourmaline shimmering amongst the rock it formed in. Maine is actually a mineral rich state and mining for gems can be a fun activity for all ages. You donít even need special equipment but, I would recommend a pair of gloves and safety glasses, a hammer and a chisel if you have one. There are places around the state where mining is permitted. One such

place is Western Maine Mineral Adventures in Paris. This mine is open to the public and is also home to the famous Mount Mica mines. There visitors can find albite, beryl, pyrite and quartz to name a few. If you are looking for quartz and tourmaline you may want to visit Mt. Apatite in Auburn. The mines there are a short walk on a marked trail system and the minerals are plenty. Take some time and go on a mining adventure, it is a great family activity with older kids. You never know what treasures you may find!

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