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Things To Do In Maine

Welcome to Whether you are a Mainer or a visitor you will find plenty of things to do in Maine. This site is simple by nature, you can either browse through a well-rounded list of things to do in Maine, or search for things to do in Maine by season, location, or activity. For example, if you are looking for something to do in Maine during the Fall season, simply type "Fall" into our search bar and you will get a list of possible things to do. Keep checking back as we are constantly adding things to do in Maine. So, next time you ask someone or someone asks you, "What do you want to do?" you can come to for the answer.

Sea Glass: Scour The Beaches For Hidden Treasures

Fall, Spring & Summer: I love spending time on the beach scouring the sand for sea glass. Discovering these slivers of milky glass is like finding a treasured gemstone. Some of the best spots to find sea glass is in and around the rocky areas where the surf softly tumbles the glass refining its sharp edges and giving it a milky hue. A great spot to find sea glass is at Fort Popham in Phippsburg. Next to the old fort there is a pool that is filled with pieces of blue, green, brown and clear sea glass. They are not hard to spot and it is fun to discover all the shapes you can find them in. Another great place to find pieces of sea glass is on Head Beach just up the road in Phippsburg. If you head out to the left side of the beach you will find a rocky section where the sea glass gets

(Greater Portland)

Fall Foliage Tours: Hop On The Train And Enjoy The View

Fall: Driving through the back roads of Maine is a great way to enjoy the fall foliage…if you’re the passengers. If however, you are always the driver and you don’t usually get the opportunity to enjoy the scenery then perhaps you should consider taking a trip with your friends or family aboard the Maine Eastern Railway. During the fall months, you can enjoy a scenic ride through the mid-coast region where the vibrant colors of the leaves reflect on the blue ocean in the background. Hop on the train in Brunswick and enjoy the ride all the way to Rockland. Along the way, don’t be surprised if you spot wildlife and quiet inlets where the sea meets the land. Once you get into Rockland, there is plenty to see and do. Whether you stop in at one of

(Midcoast Maine)

Natural Bird Feeders: Keeping Our Friends Fed

Winter: Winter can be a tough time for our little furry friends outside. One of my family’s traditions during the winter is to decorate one of our backyard trees with bird friendly décor. In the fall before the snow flies my children collect pine cones for this event. If you need to buy them instead most craft stores carry them and they are reasonably priced. First, tie a ribbon on one

(Downeast Acadia)

Moonlight Paddle: Stillness Surrounds You

Fall, Summer: A moonlight paddle can provide kayakers a different perspective than the counterpart. Paddling into the sunset and watching the moon rise can be an awesome experience. Once the full moon has taken it's position you can catch the silvery moonlight in the wake of your kayak and enjoy the quiet peace that comes with the end of the day. Depending on the weather the moonlight can play an important and beautiful part in your moonlight paddle. The bright moonlight can change

(Midcoast Maine)

Cross Country Skiing: Virtually Endless Trail Possiblities

Winter: If you are looking for a great way to get rid of the winter stress or that extra energy, head over to the Moosehead Lake region for some great outdoor exercise and stress relief. In the winter, this area has over 100 miles of well maintained ski trails. There’s nothing quite like the beauty of Maine in the winter. The Moosehead Lake experience will not disappoint this expectation. With the scenic views and endless combinations of trails, this is sure


Portland Stage Company: Theatre For The Everyday Enthusiast

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: The Portland Stage company was founded in 1974. This theatre has seven live productions a season with an average audience of 50,000 a season. The Stage Company produces programs that look at basic human issues and concerns related to the communities in its surrounding area. The theatre offers a pre and post show discussion, play notes and in-school workshops. The Portland Stage Company attempts to

(Greater Portland)

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