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Seadog Brewery: Gather Your Friends For A Cold Brew
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Things To Do In Maine

Welcome to Whether you are a Mainer or a visitor you will find plenty of things to do in Maine. This site is simple by nature, you can either browse through a well-rounded list of things to do in Maine, or search for things to do in Maine by season, location, or activity. For example, if you are looking for something to do in Maine during the Fall season, simply type "Fall" into our search bar and you will get a list of possible things to do. Keep checking back as we are constantly adding things to do in Maine. So, next time you ask someone or someone asks you, "What do you want to do?" you can come to for the answer.

Snowboarding: Rip, Rails, Pipes, It's All Clean Fun!

Winter: Its winter in Maine and for many that means outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding. Although skiing has been a Maine pastime for years, snowboarding has been steadily gaining popularity. If you go to any mountain in Maine you will see the number of snowboarders on the mountain now almost equal skiers. Snowboarders don’t use poles but rather depend on their balance to keep themselves upright which means shifting their weight in order to maintain balance and speed. A recent audience poll voted Sunday River, Sugarloaf and Shawnee Peak as the top three snowboarding spots in Maine. All three mountains offer snowboarding lessons for beginners as well as advanced techniques

(Western Lakes & Mtns)

Aquariums: Find The Best Aquariums In Maine

Spring,Summer, & Fall: When most people think of visiting an aquarium the Boston Aquarium usually comes to mind but, did you know we have one in our own state. That’s right the Maine State Aquarium located in beautiful West Boothbay offers visitors a unique perspective of some of Maine’s native sea species. The centerpiece of this aquarium is an 850 gallon tanks that is home to “dogfish” which are sharks and skates. Surrounding this huge tank are many interactive displays as well as a 20 ft long touch tank which is home to colorful sea anemone, star fish, sea cucumbers and more. The kids will be completely amazed when they are able to touch and pick up these unique sea creatures. Another interesting display is the huge collection of lobsters that range in a multitude of colors and sizes. There is a blue lobster, calico printed lobster and even a 23lb.

(Midcoast Maine)

Brunswick: Discovering The Town With Lots To Do

Winter,Spring,Summer & Fall: Brunswick is known for the Naval Air Station but, there are plenty of things to do and see for visitors of all ages. Home to Bowdoin College and within the walls of this campus you will find the Maine State Music Theater which has been offering show goers some of the best live musical performances for over 40 years. Bowdoin is also home to the Peary-MacMillian Arctic Museum, which is a tribute to these two great explorers who attended Bowdoin. Inside this museum visitors will find a great collection of the explorers original equipment as well as historic photos. Another spot to check out while you are in town is the historic Fort Andros. Inside this restored mill you will find shops, restaurants and even a movie theater. There is a great antique shop that is choke full of some great finds ranging from furniture to jewelry and everything in between. After browsing around the mall for a while take a walk across the bridge into Topsham and head to the Sea Dog Brewing Company for lunch. They have a great deck that overlooks the river and

(Midcoast Maine)

Antique Shows: Bath's Annual Tradition

Winter & Spring: For all you antique lovers the town of Bath offers a monthly antique show the first Sunday of each month. The show is open to the public and held at the Bath Middle School. There are over 60 dealers ready to sell their precious goods ranging from antique toys to the finest linens and dishes one can buy. When you enter the school you can feel the buzz of the excitement of the

(Midcoast Maine)

Visit The Patten Lumbermen's Museum

Spring, Summer, Fall: At one time Maine was home to the largest lumber port in the world located on the banks of the Penobscot River in Bangor, Maine. During the 1800's there were over 8 Billion board feet of lumber shipped out of Bangor Maine within a period of fifty years. Most of the timber shipped out of Bangor was harvested from the Penobscot River's heavily forested upper branches and transported downriver by hardworking logging crews. The logging industry in Maine has changed drastically since those booming days. Evolving from river run logdrives fueled by teams of oxen and men, to mechanized harvesting machines and trucks that now carry the logs to mills. The Patten Lumberman's Museum brings history to life by allowing visitors to tour a refurbished logging camp from the 1820's built without the use of nails. The Museum also features a big selection of handtools of the trade, early chainsaws, horsedrawn

(Aroostook County)

Sebago State Park: Big Beach, Big Lake And Plenty To Do

Summer: Sebago State Park is the perfect place for families. Children can play in the sand and swim while adults can relax and sit back in the sun. Since the water is relatively shallow, you can easily swim with your kids. Your whole family can play Frisbee and other sports in the park area. The state park also has a food stand that makes sure

(Western Lakes & Mtns)

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